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Off Her Chops

Jul 16, 2021

Welcome to episode 9 Pork Chops! Cass gives us an update on her road rage & how the weather impacts her progress. On the other hand, Jess tells us about how she dealt with someone’s else road rage toward her! The girls talk about one of their biggest insecurities, how they were bullied for it in high school & how they overcame it all. The Pop Quiz is a close one! Does Jess finally get herself out of the squeaky chair or can Cass hold on to her winning streak? ‘Which wrestling move hurts more than it looks?’ Find out in the weekly Q&A segment! New episodes are coming out each week so please like, subscribe, share & leave a comment to stay up to date with us. Let us know what you thought of the episode! As always, we love & appreciate… YOU! Jess & Cass Xx