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Off Her Chops

Jul 30, 2021

Welcome back Pork Chops to another edition of Off Her Chops on this fine day! The girls discuss one fateful evening after a fitting that resulted in their influx of Tik Tok videos. At a recent photoshoot an item was stolen right from under their nose. How hard photoshoots are in & of themselves, how they come up with each look without a stylist’s assistance & how they support each other through it. Why does Jess remind Cass of Groot? This week, the girls either nail it or completely fail at their Spelling Bee! PLUS find out if SnoogDogg (Snoogey & Ron Dawg) would be ok with the girls being involved in a romantic relationship on screen! It’s all coming up in Episode 11. New episodes are coming out each week, so please like, subscribe, share & leave a comment to stay up to date with us. Let us know what you thought of the episode! As always, we love & appreciate…. YOU! Jess & Cass Xx