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Off Her Chops

Sep 10, 2021

Hello there! Thank you for joining us once again for Off Her Chops! Turns out Cassie is definitely off her chops in the night time when she should be deep in that REM cycle. Instead she’s sleep talking. And when she’s not sleep talking… she’s sleep walking. Or Running! Jess & Cass share some funny stories of times they or someone they know did the same, our Pork Chops send in their experiences as well & we all have a good laugh. - Spelling Bee & Sentence Words goes off. - Q&A. The girls answer questions about their wrestling career’s, if they have ever cheated, what rom com they would like to star in & oh so much more. New episodes are coming out each week so please like, subscribe, share & leave a comment to stay up to date with us. Let us know what you thought of the episode! As always, we love & appreciate… YOU! Jess & Cass Xx